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افتراضي best Fluid Bed Dryer

Basic Info
Model NO.: FX-1000
Drying Medium: Air
Structure: Air Flow Drier
Xf-20: 20-25kg/H
Xf-50: 55-90kg/H
Movement Way: Combined
Sprayer: Air-Flowing Type
Type of Atomization: PLC Control
Transport Package: Foam
Origin: Changzhou, ChinaHeating Mode: Steam, Electricity, Natural Gas, Coal
Operation Pressure: Atmospheric Dryer
Operational Method: Continuous
Xf-30: 30-45kg/H
Xf-150: 150-300kg/H
Type of Flow: Parallel Flow
Appearance of Dried Sample: Granule, Bulk,
Trademark: Changzhou Fanqun
Specification: CE
HS Code: 84199090
Product Description
About XF Fluid Bed
XF fluid bed system consists of air filter, heater, fluid bed, feeder, cyclone, bag filter, high pressure centrifuge fan, operation table and so on. Based on different requirement of different products, either cyclone or bag filter or both could be chosen.
Principle of work
Products are fed into fluidized-bed drier through feeder. Fresh air after filtering and heating is conveyed to the bottom of fluid bed by fan and contacts with solid raw products on distributing plate, There fluidizing and heating exchange are conducted between air and products. Dry products are discharged from outlet to cyclone and bag filter from the top of fluid bed.
Heat source
Steam, electricity or hot air furnace can be used.
Scope of application
It is suitable for drying raw materials in bulk or granule, such as products in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. It is suitable for particle size of 0.1~6mm products, especially for products with diameter of 0.5~3mm.
Technical Databest Fluid Bed Dryer
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