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قديم 10-18-2018, 02:52 AM
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افتراضي China Intelligent Electromagnetic Flowmeter factory

four-wired intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter
lining:PTFE,Neoprene, F46, PFA, Polyurethane
Electrode:316L, HC/HB, Ti, Tan, Pt-Ir alloy
End connection:flange, thread, clamp
Characteristics:power wire and signal wire working separated. Signal line has its own grounding and not share grounding with power wire which makes signal steadier, multiple electrode are optional, meeting various sites with high reliable structure, long serve life, suitable for conductive liquid, pulse/4-20mA output, RS485/RS232 communication, HART protocol, empty pipe alarm, upper and lower limit alarm, etc.
Application: widely used in water supply and drainage, chemical industry, electric power, food, brewing, laboratory, municipal water conservancy, thermal, mining and other industries.China Intelligent Electromagnetic Flowmeter factory
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