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افتراضي wholesale Cupboard doors

Built in designs kitchen cupboard doors only for replacement
European molded board cabinets as the name suggests is to use molded panels do cabinet door or body of the cabinet. The use of this material made of cabinets not only with solid wood cabinet similar to the wood and waterproof performance is also good high environmental performance. In the shape also has a certain plasticity. Compared to solid wood or metal stone European molded plate cabinet cost-effective.
Model DP-82
Cabinet type European style wood grain MDF PVC door kitchen cabinet
Door panel 18 mm MDF board with PVC film finish .
Cabinet box 16/18mm plywood with melamine finish (White color )
16/18mm chipboard (particle board ) with melamine finish . (White color )
Door model Shaker style or normal flat design
Hardware BLUM / DTC / other other hardware brand
MOQ 1 set above
Package Flat package or Assembly package which depends on customer
Production time 30-35 days for normal order
Delivery port Shanghai Or Ningbo
Optional Items Counter tops / Sink / Faucet / any other kitchen accessories etc .Which can be select from accessories catalog .
Warranty period 10 years after installation without man-made damage .
Payment terms Small orders : 40% of amount as deposit ,balance before loading .
Big orders :30% as deposit ,balances we accept T/T and L/C / OA payment
After service All things will be ship by air if find some fixtures missing during installation .
Drawings confirm Cabinet design fee is 200 USD / SET ,which will be return after confirming order .We appreciated if you have finished drawings at hand ,no need to design again .
We offer free detailed final shop drawings as confirmation evidence for final production .
Main Market Oceania / North America / Middle East / North Euro / Africa
More PVC door panels for your selection

European molded cabinets - the advantages of European molded cabinets
European molding plate cabinet in fact its material is made of MDF made and then made of PVC film made of decorative plate. MDF is generally high-quality MDF the use of new technology made of molded plate in the waterproof performance and environmental performance than the average plate is much better many of the market are using this material cabinet. And because the relationship between pvc film the application of color is also a solid wood cabinet can not be compared.
European molded board cabinet Advantages has a good color. Long time will not crack the degree of deformation is small. The use of plastic molding machine door molding to solve the problem of sealing the edge of plastic. Molded plate anti-scratch wear heat dirt anti-fade no cracking is not deformed and routine maintenance is simple so the molded plate can be said that the market is the most mature cabinet material.
How to choose to choose a good European molding plate cabinet.
1 first of all if the purchase of cabinets to recognize the brand a large brand to ensure that a good quality with the sale.
2 the most contact with the material is outside the pvc film the general quality of the better molded plate the film is relatively thick if the film if the thin the general quality will be relatively poor. Moreover thick film in the production process to be relatively high and after the film after the thermal expansion and contraction the degree of deformation is small.
3 see the corner after forming. If the quality is good the processing technology is good the general corners are uniform there is no gap there is a gap in the late membrane is easy to curl.
4 see the internal substrate there is no stalk phenomenon if the phenomenon of the case so the plate after a long time will be vulnerable to tide.
Today we introduce you to the European-style molded cabinet cabinets on the relevant knowledge so much I believe we have a further understanding of the European-style molded cabinets in fact there are many kinds of molded cabinets in addition to the European style there are Chinese American etc. you can choose according to the overall style of the home you can also decide according to their own preferences. wholesale Cupboard doors
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